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About Kelly Gillow

Kelly Gillow is an entrepreneurial expert.

Kelly Jean Gillow is an entrepreneurial expert, a results mentor and someone who is truly focused on converting thinking into results. For more than a decade she has studied Human Potential, Development, & Spirituality along with Universal Law learning from some of the worlds most respected professionals such as Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Peggy McColl, Mary Morrissey, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, & Michael Beckwith just to name a few.

About Kelly Gillow Kelly works with individuals and teams, helping them to boost productivity, performance and profit by setting big worthy goals, closing their knowing-doing gaps, shifting old paradigms and forming success habits that will last a lifetime.

Kelly has a background in Leadership, Business and Teaching adults & children of all ages for over 20 years in the fields of Art & Science. She is also a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and facilitator of their premier program "Thinking into Results".

In 2010 she pursued her dream to begin her own business which leads her to open her own learning center, Country Home Learning & Art Center in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. The Center has been a wonderful foundation for instructing, growing, connecting and learning for thousands of people, especially children, locally and from all over the world.

About Kelly Gillow: Strong foundations in growth & development In 2020, Kelly decided it was time to combine all of her passions into one strong business model. That model is Universal Foundations, an educational company focusing on the growth and development of human potential within people of all ages.

Kelly believes that, “Strong foundations in growth & development begin as a child and will carry on into adulthood. The foundation for every child should be to create strong, positive, paradigms in children at a young age which will serve them in their childhood and throughout their adult lives. As adults, the most important thing we can do is to know who we really are and what we want in our life. We must learn to unlearn and then relearn in order that we may live the life we desire.” Implementing creative ideas though action is key.

Kelly brings a unique perspective to her work, with a strong sense of purpose and desire to bring joy and happiness, fulfillment and fun into the lives of so many people by offering creative ideas for life. She is passionate about supporting & helping others see the true potential that lays within them while teaching the principles of what it takes to bring her clients and students the results they truly desire.

Life is meant to be abundant & fun in all areas, I want to help people of all ages achieve beautiful, worthy goals that take them to a place beyond where they previously could have only dreamed about.”- Says Gillow.

About Kelly Gillow: Live the life you imagine, it’s here waiting for you Gillow is also a published author and public speaker and a world-recognized contemporary American painter. singulart.com

Live the life you imagine, it’s here waiting for you” - Kelly Gillow.